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It is becoming easier to request a quick credit through the internet. In a few minutes and with little documentation you can have the money in your account.

In our list you can find the best and widest offer of credit of the moment.

Everything you need to know about where to ask for a quick payday loan

Everything you need to know about where to ask for a quick loan

  • How to request an online loan in minutes?
  • Requirements to request a quick credit
  • Advantages of getting paperless credit
  • It is possible to request a quick payday loan if I am in Financial Credit Institution
  • Problems with the return of a credit online
  • In which cases it is convenient to request an urgent credit

How to request an online loan in minutes?

How to request an online loan in minutes?

If we are determined to apply for a quick payday loan, and we are interested in finding the best financing conditions in the market, the internet offers us the entire offer in the sector, offering us the opportunity to compare and help us choose which credit is the most convenient in each case.

As this is our first request, we will be able to find the offers of many lenders who grant us the possibility of requesting a first loan without interest

Although these promotions are subject to the risk policies of each company, these offers allow us to obtain a free first loan of up to 300 USD to be repaid in 30 days. We will be able to check the financing conditions of the different lenders through our list that includes a selection of entities in which to request a quick payday loan online.

Once we have decided on the credit company we are going to use, the online loan application process is quick and with little paperwork.

To start we will have to access the website of the financial company to which we are going to request the credit. Once we have selected the amount of money that we want to request, we can start the application process that we will complete by providing our personal and bank details that are required.

  • Personal data : name and surname, personal identification document (DNI, NIE or Passport), date of birth, email and mobile phone number.
  • Bank details : proof of regular income with which to face the return of money. In some cases they may ask us for the bank statement with our latest movements.

The application for an online mini-credit is resolved in minutes. As soon as the lender evaluates our solvency situation, we will receive an immediate response. If credit approval is resolved, we will receive a copy of the contract that we must return signed.

The lender will transfer the money to our account once it verifies our compliance with its terms and conditions established in the contract. The time interval it takes for the money to arrive in our account ranges from 10 minutes to 48 hours, depending on the collaboration agreements between the different banks and the lenders.

Requirements to request a quick credit

Requirements to request a quick credit

Although the specific requirements to apply for a credit online will depend on the internal policy of each credit company, generally when we go to request a quick credit online they will ask us to comply with the following conditions:

  • Having regular income: to have access to a quick payday loan we will have to be able to demonstrate our solvency capacity. For this, it will be necessary to have sufficient monthly income to face the repayment of the credit. However, it will not be necessary to have a payroll, being able to get a loan without payroll and without guarantee, even when we are pensioners or receive a recurring benefit, as long as it is prolonged in time.
  • Age of the credit applicant: although to apply for a credit online we must be over 18 years of age, in some companies it is a requirement to comply with a minimum and maximum age as established by their risk policies. The usual thing for these cases is that they ask us to be at least between 21 and 25 years old, and at most up to 60 or 75 years old.
  • Place of residence : a common requirement for all companies is the requirement to live in Spanish territory.
  • Not being in Financial Credit Institution or other default files : although it is possible to get a loan with Financial Credit Institution we must be aware that appearing in delinquency files is a reason not to approve our loan request in many companies.

In most cases we will be able to apply for our credit online, without paperwork or sending documents. Other times, it will be necessary to attach or send documents to verify the authenticity of the data provided (we refer to the following documents):

  1. Identity document (DNI, NIE, Passport): identity document that identifies us as the person requesting the fast credit.
  2. Proof of monthly income : formal proof that justifies the monthly income that we claim to receive in our loan application.
  3. Bank statement : bank receipt that accredits our solvency based on the level of expenses and income in recent months.

Advantages of getting paperless credit

Advantages of getting paperless credit

Using an online credit offers us a series of advantages that we must take into account when we need urgent money.

  • First interest-free credit: as this is our first credit application, many companies will offer us a first free credit. Without a doubt, this is one of the most significant advantages when requesting a loan online, having the possibility of requesting money without expenses or commissions.
  • Fast paperless credit: does not require the usual paperwork and paperwork for other types of loans. In this case, we can make the request via the web and send the documentation that is required only if necessary.
  • Possibility of paying the loan in several installments: More and more companies are allowing the repayment of the loan in installments, reaching periods of more than one year.
  • Loan without payroll or endorsement: we can request a loan without payroll or endorsement. For this, we will only have to meet the requirements of the lender, and have fixed income that we can credit. We can access an online credit even if we are pensioners or unemployed.
  • Loan with Financial Credit Institution: people with defaults that appear in files like Financial Credit Institution will be able to access the money they need through a quick online loan.

As was the case with the application requirements to obtain a credit without papers, its advantages will depend on the specific conditions that each company in question can offer us.

It is possible to request a quick payday loan if I am in Financial Credit Institution

It is possible to request a quick loan if I am in Financial Credit Institution

The wide offer of lenders who grant money to clients with Financial Credit Institution allows us to obtain the financing we need through a loan with Financial Credit Institution, regardless of whether or not we are registered in delinquent files.

Like all other clients interested in applying for an urgent credit online, we must meet the requirements of the lender and prove a regular source of income.

To get money with Financial Credit Institution we must meet two conditions:

  1. Not have debts with banks.
  2. The amount of the debt for inclusion in Financial Credit Institution must comply with the minimum amount set by the online loan entity to which we go.

Being in Financial Credit Institution we will not be able to go to all the online credit companies in the market. Therefore, do not miss our list where we collect the companies that we can go to request a loan with Financial Credit Institution.

Problems with the return of a credit online

Problems with the return of a credit online

In the case of not being able to face the return of the money owed within the established term, we will have to contact the lender and inform them of our problem so that they can help us find an alternative such as deferment of payment or request for loan extension.

Most online fast credit companies have these options to solve the default situation, although we must take into account the increase in interest on the initial amount of our debt.

In the case of not making the return payment on time, without contacting the lender to report our situation, we run the risk of being reported for non-payment and that our data will be included in delinquent files such as Financial Credit Institution or Rai.

In which cases it is convenient to request an urgent credit

In which cases it is convenient to request an urgent credit

Getting fast money online is easy, fast and secure. Therefore, when specific problems or unforeseen events arise that we cannot cope with, applying for urgent credit will be an effective alternative to get the amount of money we need.

However, opting for an online loan is not always successful. Before, we will have to be sure that we can face your return without problems so as not to worsen our credit situation with new debts.

The purpose of a quick credit is to get easy money to solve any unforeseen situation. Getting benefit from its advantages and not seeing ourselves in situations of default and therefore suffering its consequences, will only depend on our good judgment when making a decision.

Therefore, before requesting an urgent credit, we will have to assess the importance of the reason for your request, as well as our real solvency capacity to avoid generating default situations that worsen our economy.

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Knowing credit interest rate. http://raritygolf.com//knowing-credit-interest-rate/ http://raritygolf.com//knowing-credit-interest-rate/#respond Thu, 16 Apr 2020 08:40:09 +0000 http://www.raritygolf.com/knowing-credit-interest-rate/

Loans with the lowest interest rate? Don’t be fooled!

Loans with the lowest interest rate? Don

Advertising is increasingly flooding us with promises about loans and credits with the lowest interest rates and the best rates. However, we would like to inform you that a low interest rate is not the only criterion that you have to take into account. The rates for a credit or loan vary greatly from bank to bank and also depend on the type of credit.

So don’t be fooled by attractive slogans and low interest rates, the reality can sometimes be sobering. Therefore, we believe that you may be better served with a correct solution tailored to your needs.

Placed in context: the lowest interest rate per type of loan

Placed in context: the lowest interest rate per type of loan

The Good Finance is a credit intermediary that stands up for its customers. That is why we search the credit market for the best conditions in combination with the best interest. In our search, we were able to distinguish three major credit pillars and their respective rates:

  • The interest for a car loan: The interest for a car loan is usually slightly lower. However, there are so many options and variants that the rates vary widely. In addition, the interest depends on the type of car loan. This often has to do with whether you need 100% financing or if you only have to pay part of the purchase price.
  • The interest for a loan for private purposes: Personal credits are installment loans and are characterized by the highest interest rate. This is because the risk for the bank is the greatest. With a personal loan, you are free to choose what you will use the money for. You do not have to be accountable for this. Here too we found a large difference in rates. The interest rates for an installment loan fluctuate between 8 and 13.5%

Tailor-made credit: best rate and best solution

Tailor-made credit: best rate and best solution

Yes, we offer you the best interest. Only you have to see the rates in context. We are looking for the lowest interest rate for the loan you need. This means that we also look at other good conditions such as the term repayment, the term and the preservation of your financial comfort. At the Good Finance you always receive a credit or loan tailored to your needs and financial capacity: a loan with a repayment and rate that you feel comfortable with.

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How to pay off your cash loan quickly? http://raritygolf.com//how-to-pay-off-your-cash-loan-quickly/ http://raritygolf.com//how-to-pay-off-your-cash-loan-quickly/#respond Tue, 07 Apr 2020 08:06:55 +0000 http://www.raritygolf.com/how-to-pay-off-your-cash-loan-quickly/ Do you have a cash loan? You can pay it back faster than the contract with the bank indicates. It is enough to overpay the loan whenever you have the financial opportunity. How to do it and how banks react to faster cash loan repayment?

The most advantageous option from the borrower’s point of view is an earlier repayment of the debt once, regardless of the title. However, it is possible if we have, for example, low-value cash loans. With cash loans taken out often for tens of thousands of dollars, it is much more difficult.

Ways to pay off your cash loan quickly

Ways to pay off your cash loan quickly

With higher incomes that the customer can start to receive in the course of repayment of a cash loan, overpaying the cash loan is possible. How to use extra cash? You can, among others, repay multiple principals and interest installments of a cash loan. Then the loan repayment time can be significantly shortened and with it the costs of borrowing.

Another option is full repayment of the cash loan ahead of schedule – it can be made by customers who suddenly have a much better financial situation. Earlier, faster repayment of a cash loan is also possible if we sign an appropriate annex with the bank, allowing for shortening the loan period and increasing the principal and interest installment that the customer will repay every month.

When setting higher installments with the bank, the customer must have higher creditworthiness than when taking out a loan, because otherwise, the bank may not agree to such an operation.

How do you pay off your cash loan ahead of schedule?

How do you pay off your cash loan ahead of schedule?

At the beginning, it is worth saying that early repayment of the loan in legal terms is completely possible. Pursuant to the amended Act of 12 May 2011 on consumer credit, the borrower has the right to repay the cash loan earlier. The condition is that the loan is considered a consumer loan.

Pursuant to the law, consumer credit is a credit granted for payment to the consumer in an amount not exceeding USD 255 550. It is granted for any purposes unrelated to business activity. Proves. Art. 3.1 of the Consumer Credit Act.

Early, early repayment of consumer credit can be made in whole or in part. It is enough to overpay the loan with subsequent installments or transfer the entire amount of outstanding capital, and then close the bank’s credit account.

Early repayment of cash loan and costs


In some cases, when the customer repays the cash loan earlier than it would appear from the signed loan agreement, the bank may compensate for the interest lost in this way by calculating the commission. It should be reserved in the loan agreement.

Banks are not entitled to charge any compensation for an earlier partial or total repayment of cash loans. According to regulations, it may not exceed:

  • 1 percent part of the loan to be repaid, provided that the period between the loan repayment date and the loan repayment date is longer than a year;
  • 0.5% part of the loan to be repaid, provided that the period between the loan repayment date and the loan repayment date is less than one year;
  • the amount of interest that the consumer would be required to pay in the period between the repayment of the loan before the deadline and the agreed contract completion date;
  • direct costs incurred by the bank in connection with the repayment of a debt by the customer.

Is quick repayment of a cash loan profitable?

Early repayment of a cash loan can be very profitable, especially if the bank does not charge any commission for such an operation. At the same time, the customer may, under the provisions of the Consumer Credit Act, obtain a refund of part of the costs, even those incurred when signing the contract. This is because the total cost of lending must be reduced by the costs for the period by which the duration of the contract has been shortened.

Fast cash loan repayment – what do banks think about it?

Fast cash loan repayment - what do banks think about it?

Chapter 4 of the Consumer Credit Act contains provisions governing the repayment of credit obligations. The bank cannot agree to the early settlement of debts, in connection with art. 48 of the Act. The consumer has the right to repay all or part of the loan before the date specified in the contract, at any time. The creditor may not make the early repayment conditional on the consumer being informed of this intention.

Sometimes early repayment of a cash loan may be dictated by the fact that the customer has the option of incurring other obligations on much better terms. The ranking of a cash loan or comparison of such loans will help him find the right offer for a new cash loan.

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Credit for specific professional groups. http://raritygolf.com//credit-for-specific-professional-groups/ http://raritygolf.com//credit-for-specific-professional-groups/#respond Tue, 24 Mar 2020 07:24:34 +0000 http://www.raritygolf.com/credit-for-specific-professional-groups/



Officials and people who have started a civil service career have an advantage over other consumers if they want to take out a loan, because the status of an official for the banks alone provides so much security that the loan for civil servants from all banks at the best conditions is awarded.

Why officials are welcome borrowers

Why officials are welcome borrowers

Civil servants are in permanent employment, have a regular, secure and relatively high income and can therefore offer banks the security that is important for lending.

A special installment loan for civil servants is offered in the form of a civil servant loan for civil servants and a comparable group of people by some banks that only grant loans to civil servants.

On these special terms, there is also credit for civil servants, credit for teachers – even if they are not civil servants, they are at least civil servants – and credit for professional soldiers. The conditions for an official loan are, however, tied to the fact that the official status can be proven.

Past experience shows that civil servants are very reliable borrowers with a very low percentage of loan defaults. Banks want collateral when they lend, and they find this collateral in this professional group. If loans with interest rates dependent on creditworthiness are granted, it is the civil servants who can count on the fact that they can get a loan on particularly favorable terms, because their creditworthiness alone is best assessed by the professional group.

Credit for members of the Bundeswehr

Credit for members of the Bundeswehr

Civil servants of the Bundeswehr are civil servants and can benefit from the advantages that also benefit civil servants. The professional soldiers of the Bundeswehr also belong to the group of people for whom an official loan is also possible. In addition, every other bank provides soldiers with loans at attractive terms if they are not just temporary soldiers. When it comes to a time soldier loan, banks typically expect the loan to run no longer than the time soldier’s commitment.

Loan for civil servants

Loan for civil servants

Civil servant candidates are still at a stage where they have not yet been granted civil servant status. This means that if civil servants want to take out a loan, they will get it from all banks with the appropriate creditworthiness, but when it comes to a civil servant loan, they do not yet have the requirements that must be met when applying for a civil servant loan.

The same applies when it comes to a loan for trainee lawyers or a loan for civil servants. During the traineeship and during the trial period, you are not yet civil servant and cannot benefit from a particularly cheap civil servant loan. However, if an installment loan is applied for from a direct bank or branch bank, you can count on getting a loan at favorable conditions even at this stage of the profession.

Loan to farmers

Loan to farmers

The credit for farmers is to distinguish whether it is a credit to farmers, which is taken for private purposes or for a loan, to be used for the farm.

If farmers want to take out a loan for private purposes, they are on an equal footing with the self-employed and freelancers. You run an agricultural business and cannot prove a fixed income. This means that a private loan for farmers can only be applied for at banks that offer loans for the self-employed.

When it comes to an agricultural loan, farmers should turn to banks, which prefer to lend to farmers. These include the cooperative banks, but under certain conditions also the Fine Bank or Agree Bank, which is a special development bank for the agricultural industry.

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News Government Agency mortgages loan public employees 2019 http://raritygolf.com//news-government-agency-mortgages-loan-public-employees-2019/ http://raritygolf.com//news-government-agency-mortgages-loan-public-employees-2019/#respond Fri, 20 Mar 2020 08:31:01 +0000 http://www.raritygolf.com/news-government-agency-mortgages-loan-public-employees-2019/

The purchase of the first home is a very important and delicate intervention, from the point of view of the economic consequences, and provides, in many cases, for the signing of a loan. Government Agency public sector mortgages represent a crucial line of credit to buy, build or renovate the main house. But how do they work and what do they offer? Find out now.

Government Agency first home mortgage 2019: what it is

Government Agency first home mortgage 2019: what it is

The working condition is one of the most determining aspects for obtaining a loan. Economic stability and in general the income profile often depend on the job.

Public employees can count on credit lines, issued by Social Institute, tailored to their needs. It is among these that we find Government Agency public sector mortgages.

How does this product work? It is a loan that provides for three types of uses, all three linked if not focused on the first home. For example, we have the purchase or construction of the first house, which cannot be luxury compared to the cadastral categories. In this case the maximum amount that can be received is equal to 300 thousand USD.

The second type of use is instead represented by works to always be performed on the first house. The regulation provides for various uses, in particular we note the restructuring, expansion, maintenance, adaptation and transformation.

The limit in terms of amount corresponds to 40% of the value of the home, although the figure in question cannot in any case exceed the threshold amount of 150 thousand USD.

The third job is then the construction or purchase of a parking space. Alternatively, a car garage may be subject to financing. However, they must be relevant to the first house, no more than 500 meters away.

The maximum figure is the lowest of all, that is 75 thousand USD.

Fixed and variable Government Agency 2019 mortgage rate

Fixed and variable Government Agency 2019 mortgage rate

Another crucial factor in understanding the essential characteristics of Government Agency public sector mortgages is duration. The repayment is spread over a period ranging from 10 to 30 years.

However, not all applicants can count on such an extensive repayment plan. Beneficiaries who are at least 65 years old must consider a maximum duration corresponding to 15 years.

Public and retired employees

Public and retired employees

Who can apply for Government Agency public sector mortgages? Employees with a permanent contract and pensioners enrolled in the Unified Management of Credit and Social Benefits enjoy this possibility of financing.

How to apply for funding? The application must be sent in some periods of the year, the first ten days of January, May or September.

The request must be sent using the online services of the Social Institute website, Social Institute

On this page you will find information for calculating the Government Agency mortgage.

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Resumption of credit production confirmed this summer and credit rates remain at their lowest! http://raritygolf.com//resumption-of-credit-production-confirmed-this-summer-and-credit-rates-remain-at-their-lowest/ http://raritygolf.com//resumption-of-credit-production-confirmed-this-summer-and-credit-rates-remain-at-their-lowest/#respond Mon, 09 Mar 2020 07:44:48 +0000 http://www.raritygolf.com/resumption-of-credit-production-confirmed-this-summer-and-credit-rates-remain-at-their-lowest/

In September, little movement on the loan rates which remain at the lowest, after the few decreases observed in August. In this context, the Cream bank confirms the resumption of credit production in July, which for the first time in one year has exceeded 17 billion USD in new credits in July. A summer recovery that Good lender, a network of 185 credit brokerage agencies, has also seen in recent months. Analysis

Credit production at its highest for 1 year in July

Credit production at its highest for 1 year in July

As announced by Good lender at the start of August, the real estate market, and in particular credit production, has regained unprecedented dynamism in recent months … “After a 1 st quarter of 2018 marked by a wait-and-see attitude from buyers and a demand for credits down by 20%, these In recent weeks, the real estate market has regained unprecedented dynamism in 2018. While in 2018 loan renegotiations fell by 75% at Good lender, credits for acquisitions in old or new are up 20%, testifying to a resumption of transactions, spokesperson for Good lender

Even though the share of loan renegotiations fell from 20.4% of loans in February 2018 to 16.2% in July.

However, this recovery is not enough to make up for the delay taken at the start of the year… the cumulative production reached since the start of the year 115.5 billion USD against 196 billion USD over the first 7 months of 2017… but a return to the level of 2016.

But this increase is explained as much by the resumption of transactions as by the increases in loan amount, thanks in particular to the lengthening of terms …

At the end of July, in 2018, the average loan amount was $ 178,200 over an average duration of 21 years and 4 months compared to $ 168,300 at the end of July 2017 over 20 years and 11 months.

However, even with this revival of activity observed in the 2nd quarter, it is unlikely that the 2017 credit production levels (272 billion USD) will be reached again this year. We should rather return to the level – in record time – of 2016, at 252 billion USD of credit production. At Good lender, as of August 31, 2018, credit production was down 9% compared to that of 2017 in the same period … But it was down 20% in the 1 st quarter compared to 2017, reflecting of this return of demand… In July and August alone, it is up 10%!

Little movement in rates in September

Little movement in rates in September

In September, a month traditionally rich in real estate transactions after a usually calm summer, banks tend to lower their rates slightly to address this return with good pricing positioning. This year, after a dynamic summer, and rate cuts in July and August, only a handful of banks have so far changed their lending rates (0.10% on average) even if they continue to practice rate reductions on a case-by-case basis, depending on the profiles “Overall, we are almost at the historic low and the margin for decline is today limited… Already, at this rate level, some banks are wondering about the profitability of loans granted at this level of rate which could become negative in the event of increases in refinancing rates. But for the moment everything indicates that by the end of the year the rates should remain very attractive, and the banks still as inclined to lend, including on long durations … “underlines , spokesperson to finance yourself.

Average rates are currently 1.30% over 15 years, 1.50% over 20 years and 1.70% over 25 years but with negotiated floor rates at 0.65% over 15 years, 0.80% over 20 years and 1.35% over 25 years for the best profiles.

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What is a credit score that is good and can I get one? http://raritygolf.com//what-is-a-credit-score-that-is-good-and-can-i-get-one/ http://raritygolf.com//what-is-a-credit-score-that-is-good-and-can-i-get-one/#respond Tue, 18 Feb 2020 08:47:35 +0000 http://www.raritygolf.com/what-is-a-credit-score-that-is-good-and-can-i-get-one/

So try to see the confidentiality of the agency once you have arrived secure about data solitude and security stability ,. In that hedging firms can promise that they are not going to discuss your individual knowledge with any other matter. There should be discreetness within the technique.

You can get under subsidized on some company or additional monetary body is loan plan where that a company can pay a small portion of your interest. While the interest rate you may wish to face is certainly not high this can reward you. Some loans, for example home buyer first timer or mortgage scholars are usually offered at a subsidized rate. The interest levels are usually below the pace of the conventional loan.


Low cost loans to finance your costs can be obtained with you

Low cost loans to finance your costs can be obtained with you

These expenses are often by buying a combination of your debt, rebuilding property, school costs, excellent costs, and a vehicle.

Most people are of the fact that they had ineligible for a property loan. Fortunately, there are so many improvements that make home buying a growing number of handy today. In this day of age and you will find that not only home mortgage databases, but other money properties too. This allows you to expand the alternatives to get your home.

Therefore there is no debt system that does not provide this freedom? Yes. It is true it is called debt agreement, or debt negotiation. In reality it is certainly not for everyone. Debt disposal is definitely an alternative to bankruptcy. It is not for the people who will pay their payments without adversity in full. However, it can be quite a blessing for those seeking relief from a debt load.

The next consequence is the fact that it will be problematic for one to take out that loan and soon finish paying off in your debt consolidation. From you lending money for something different companies don’t want to put financial difficulties back ,. They don’t want to offer you more obligations to worry about. Since you don’t take out any longer loans anyway you don’t have to be worried about this. Before you are worried about the other things you need to pay for debt consolidation.
Before examining I apologize if any of this insult you. I really want to help you avoid the most common debt consolidation reduction scams with schemes that promise to magically repair your jobless credit on your item.


Small for the money?

Small for the money?

Below are some simple approaches to keep just a little more: do not use the ATMs of different banks and avoid user fees; cancel film stations on the wire and preserve about a month; made the whole variation, by the end of the afternoon in a bottle and save about a month; store a sales garage and create about 0; terminate your cell phone and save a month.

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Installment loan is absolutely versatile http://raritygolf.com//installment-loan-is-absolutely-versatile/ http://raritygolf.com//installment-loan-is-absolutely-versatile/#respond Fri, 07 Feb 2020 09:11:11 +0000 http://www.raritygolf.com/installment-loan-is-absolutely-versatile/


An installment loan is absolutely versatile and that is why it is so popular: you can allow yourself a long-awaited dream vacation, do not have to make any compromises when furnishing your new apartment or can finance an expensive new purchase. Absolute freedom despite a large investment. An installment loan can also be used for smaller sums, for example for small renovations or in general for financial bottlenecks. The advantage: installment loans are usually much lower in interest rates than overdraft or overdrafts.

No matter which wish you want to fulfill: on Best bank you can compare different installment loans online and find a suitable offer for your individual situation. We show you what you should pay attention to.

Take out installment credit: quickly and easily directly on Best bank

Take out installment credit: quickly and easily directly on Best bank

Taking out a loan doesn’t have to be complicated. From comparison to payment, Best bank is at your side with competent advisors and professional service. Of course, 100 percent free of charge.

Installment loan in just 3 steps

Installment loan in just 3 steps

Would you like to take out a loan and need the money as soon as possible? If you take out the loan online via Best bank, the money will be paid out within a few days. You can easily find loans on particularly favorable terms and conveniently take out the loan – without leaving your home.

1. Perform installment loan comparison

To find a suitable loan offer, first enter the desired loan amount, term and purpose in the Best bank installment loan comparison. Information such as income and job are also required in order to receive the most suitable offer.

At Best bank you make a free of charge condition request in this step, which is 100% credit bureau-neutral and non-binding.

2. Select offer

Choose the best offer for you from up to 22 banks. That can be the cheapest annual interest rate or maybe it is the loan offer with the greatest flexibility? You decide what is best for you. 

3. Receive money

In order for you to receive your money as quickly as possible, you have the option of legitimizing yourself online via video ID and signing the loan agreement with the digital signature. Of course, the classic way is also available to you using the Postident procedure. When all the documents have been submitted and the bank approves your loan application, the loan amount will be paid to your account as soon as possible.

Installment loan comparison: The most important questions and our tips

Installment loan comparison: The most important questions and our tips

The conditions for installment loans vary from bank to bank. In order to find a suitable installment loan for your individual situation, it makes sense to compare different lenders. With Best bank you have the ideal partner at your side: Our free loan comparison offers you an overview of the tariff jungle of installment loans – directly online.

At the very beginning, however, questions arise: How high must the loan be? How long should the term be and what can I afford? You can find answers and exclusive tips here:

How much must the loan amount for the installment loan be?

The higher the loan amount, the higher the monthly interest charge. For this reason, you should check the amount you really need for your purchase before taking out the installment loan.

Installment loan costs: How to reduce interest costs

Installment loan costs: How to reduce interest costs

Interest is the most important factor that private individuals must take into account when applying for an installment loan. Banks do not give the loan entirely unselfishly, because they earn from the interest that accrues. These must be incorporated into your own financial planning. The level of the interest rate depends on various factors:

Design the repayment period

The longer the term (repayment period), the higher the interest. The term should therefore not be longer than necessary.

Keep the loan amount as low as possible

The higher the loan amount, the higher the interest. Borrowers who raise their own funds for the desired purchase can save on borrowing costs.

Bring additional collateral

The more collateral the bank is given, the lower the interest rate is. A security for the bank is either a real material equivalent (e.g. car or real estate financing) or a guarantor/second borrower. As a result, the bank takes fewer risks and rewards this with a lower interest rate. You can find out exactly what counts as credit security in our suitable article.

Keep an eye on your credit rating

If you do not have a good credit rating, you have to expect a higher interest rate. This is how the bank balances the risk. However, some foreign banks also offer a loan without credit bureau, ie they do not use the credit bureau query. More information about credit bureau and credit without credit bureau can be found in this article.

The loan should be there particularly quickly? No problem with the account view

The loan should be there particularly quickly? No problem with the account view

The account view helps banks to get a quick overview of your financial situation. It is only a one-time view of the account movements. The regular incoming payments, such as income, are examined in the context of the account view for loans, as are the outgoing payments. Depending on the outcome, the approval or the amount of interest for an installment loan can be influenced positively or negatively.

The digital account view is relatively new, which speeds up the check before borrowing. In this case, lenders access a digital version of the bank statements. Thanks to the digital account view, credit approval can be granted faster without any detours by post.

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