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Loans with the lowest interest rate? Don’t be fooled!

Loans with the lowest interest rate? Don

Advertising is increasingly flooding us with promises about loans and credits with the lowest interest rates and the best rates. However, we would like to inform you that a low interest rate is not the only criterion that you have to take into account. The rates for a credit or loan vary greatly from bank to bank and also depend on the type of credit.

So don’t be fooled by attractive slogans and low interest rates, the reality can sometimes be sobering. Therefore, we believe that you may be better served with a correct solution tailored to your needs.

Placed in context: the lowest interest rate per type of loan

Placed in context: the lowest interest rate per type of loan

The Good Finance is a credit intermediary that stands up for its customers. That is why we search the credit market for the best conditions in combination with the best interest. In our search, we were able to distinguish three major credit pillars and their respective rates:

  • The interest for a car loan: The interest for a car loan is usually slightly lower. However, there are so many options and variants that the rates vary widely. In addition, the interest depends on the type of car loan. This often has to do with whether you need 100% financing or if you only have to pay part of the purchase price.
  • The interest for a loan for private purposes: Personal credits are installment loans and are characterized by the highest interest rate. This is because the risk for the bank is the greatest. With a personal loan, you are free to choose what you will use the money for. You do not have to be accountable for this. Here too we found a large difference in rates. The interest rates for an installment loan fluctuate between 8 and 13.5%

Tailor-made credit: best rate and best solution

Tailor-made credit: best rate and best solution

Yes, we offer you the best interest. Only you have to see the rates in context. We are looking for the lowest interest rate for the loan you need. This means that we also look at other good conditions such as the term repayment, the term and the preservation of your financial comfort. At the Good Finance you always receive a credit or loan tailored to your needs and financial capacity: a loan with a repayment and rate that you feel comfortable with.


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